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Life-Changing Hearing Aids For Anyone.


Loss of hearing can affect people of all ages and reduce your overall quality of life. Ohio Valley Hearing Professionals services the hearing impaired with everything needed to regain your hearing. Testing, product choosing, fitting, programming, maintenance and even financing.

Hearing Aid Testing & Assessment


The first step in regaining your hearing is to be tested by our hearing specialists. Our hearing test provides an evaluation and assessment of the sensitivity of your hearing using an audiometer.


During the test, you will listen to short tones that are played at different volumes and pitches. The results show whether you have hearing loss in one or both ears and the degree of hearing that is lost.

Comfortable Hearing Aids With Real-World Sound

When you visit Ohio Valley Hearing Professionals, we will introduce you to all of the many types of hearing aids available. Select from small hidden devices to conventional over the ear hearing aids. Today's state of the art hearing aids can process multiple sounds at once while bluetooth technology keeps you connected to your world. And the new designs significantly improve aesthetics making them easy to handle and more comfortable to wear.


Behind The Ear Aids

Small, easily hidden and can match to your hair and complexion.

bluetooth hearing aids wv

In Ear Hearing Aids

Smallest of all hearing aids. Custom fitted. Fits inside your ear. Less wind distortion.

bluetooth hearing aids wv

Receiver Hearing Aids

Similar to earbuds. Custom fitted. Long lasting high-quality sound. 

Hearing Aid Accessories To Make Your Hearing Experience Even More Enjoyable.


Apps to personalization your settings.


Lapel mic for conversations in noisy environments.


Power pack wireless chargers.


Connect to  phones, TVs, Radio & MP3 players.


Remotes to adjust volume and switch programs.


Wireless stereo connector for media devices.


Be Safer By Sensing Your Surroundings Better With Ohio Valley Hearing Professionals

With a hearing aid, you will have the confidence to not only converse better with people but venture out again, even if that means just crossing the street and going to the store. 


Most instruments come with a 3 year manufacturer's warranty. Also, should your hearing aid get damaged or misplaced, we also include a free Loss and Damage Warranty. 

Personalized Hearing Aid Programming 

Once you choose a hearing aid, our hearing specialists will custom program it to fit your needs. There are many different features that require adjusting when programming a hearing aid. This will make it easier for you to enjoy conversations in any social settings.

Control volume, noise reduction, speech focus, and more from your devices. You'll also be able to make hands-free phone calls and stream conversations directly to your Bluetooth hearing aid.

Keep Your Hearing Aid At Optimal Performance With Scheduled Maintenance.

Even if you take care of your hearing aid well, it will still needs periodic maintenance. Heat, moisture, earwax, and dirt will all contribute to less than perfect sound. Schedule cleanings and adjusting every few months with Ohio Valley Hearing Professionals.

Our hearing specialists clean hard to reach areas using specialized tools and equipment. They will also make any programming adjustments needed so that your hearing aid is in excellent working condition.

Finance your hearing aid tests, fittings, devices & accessories.

For those who would like to pay for their hearing aid and services over time, Ohio Valley Hearing Professionals offer financing programs through Care Credit.


Learn about your options and apply for financing at


Ohio Valley Hearing Professionals makes every conversation more enjoyable with smart hearing solutions.


Owners, Terri & Zach Napper. 16 years of quality hearing aid services.


Ohio Valley Hearing is conveniently located and open 5 days a week.


Patients experience a comfortable and professional hearing facility.

What They Are Saying About Ohio Valley Hearing Professionals


I was very impressed and pleased. I was fit with the hearing aids that was right for me. This was the best decision I have made.

Angela W

The service has always been professional, thorough, affordable, knowledgeable, conscientious, prompt and friendly.

Linda V

This hearing aid changed my life - I can hear again. I go to Zach for cleaning and servicing. I highly recommend them!

Charlotte Barrett

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